to Professional Constructors Union

Non-Commercial Partnership


Contribution Amount and Payment Procedure:

1.    Partnership admission fee: RUR 4,000.

2.    Monthly membership fee: RUR 4,000.

3.    Compensation fund lump-sum fee: RUR 300,000.

Documents for Admission and Obtaining Competency Certificate:

1.    Application for partnership admission and issuance of Competency Certificate for Performing Works.

2.    Copy of the Certificate of State Registration of a Legal Entity or a Private Businessman.

3.    URSLE[1] excerpt (issued not earlier than 1 month ago).

4.    Appendix No. 1 to the application (list of construction, reconstruction and overhaul work types that influence the safety of capital development facilities the form whereof being established by Order No. 624 of the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation).

5.    Appendix No. 2 to the application: List of Employee Details Declared for Obtaining a Competency Certificate for Performing Works that Influence the Safety of Capital Development Facilities.

Documents with Regard to the Declared Employees:

- copies of higher or secondary special education diplomas;

- copies of experts labour books;

- copies of short-term advanced training certificates;

- copies of labour contracts (perpetual or those concluded for at least 1 year).

6.    List of provided documents.

Copies of documents shall be certified by the entitys seal and the senior managers signature; no notarisation needed.

Existence of an ISO certificate shall not be a qualification to partnership admission.

Provision of partnership admission documents by electronic means is available. 

The Partnership has set minimum insurance amounts necessary in order to ensure civil liability insurance.

 The Certificates of Short-Term Advanced Training are accepted by the Partnership both from educational institutions accredited by the Partnership and from any other educational institutions issuing state-approved certificates.

 When undertaking annual routine verification the Partnership shall require the only document from its members, i.e. a report.

[1] Unified State Register of Legal Entities (translator’s note)


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